Don’t lose contact

with the COMMUNITY |

If you decide to move to .com and buy a custom domain, DO NOT LOSE CONTACT with the community.

Because :

  1. the community gave you ideas
  2. the community supported you
  3. the community is wonderful and exceptional people from all over.
  4. the community is the World.
  5. Are you serious ?  Are you gonna abandon me ?  I’m gonna get pissed, babe.
  6. You must be crazy.
  7. I’m gonna buy, dear.  Don’t leave me, please. I need you.  And YOU NEED ME.
  8. i will try to help you, don’t leave

PS: I know there are a few issues.  That’s why i have, or we have to think a bit on the solutions.  I won’t write more on this for the moment.  Do you expect from the “specialists” to give you ideas and solutions ?  Yeah, Sure…


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