Lori, the Gen X Travels

Lori is a wonderful adventurist, traveler, blogger, and many more …
She loves hiking a lot. It’s obvious, isn’t it ?

She visits a few places that it is a bit rare for someone to visit, and she “discovers” petroglyphs and ancient stuff ! You can view the pictures above.

I like the way she writes her posts, her photography, and her whole approach on the presentation of her adventures. She says : “My goal is to show a realistic side to traveling and adventures while providing glimpses to each destination along with useful information.”.

And i like Steve, her husband who is not a blogger, but always there to support Lori. And of course, Lori is always there to support Steve. I like them both !

You may visit her website to take a look and enjoy her articles by clicking on the following link : https://thegenxtravels.com/
Diary of a Gen-X Traveler on : Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Flipboard

5 thoughts on “Lori, the Gen X Travels

    1. You’re welcome, Lori. You deserve all the kind words, dear.

      I should thank you, also, because -through your blog- i can see and read for places i’ve never been and -probably- i will never have the chance to visit.

      I, also, like the way you work on the structure of a post. And i like the fact you’re willing to answer questions of your visitors. You don’t avoid dialogue. You don’t keep social distancing …haha… per se or so to speak (the new terminology of our days).

      And despite you’re a traveler blogger, you show interest on different kind of topics (poetry, stories, history, etc.) written by other bloggers.

      I wish you great health, happiness and longevity. And, of course, i wish you much success to whatever you do or you’ re planning to do.


      1. Again, thank you!! I appreciate the feedback! I also app really the help
        and support you have given me! I learn so much from you about so many topics!

        I wish you the best always!!


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