Delicious Bloggers

Delicious Bloggers


Delicious Bloggers | Magazine

My new Magazine has a name, and the name is : Delicious Bloggers

When i see a recipe of yours -my wonderful Delicious Bloggers- which is awesome, and i like, and i want to dive in… 

…i place your post and your recipe to my : Delicious Bloggers Magazine 

Outosego .com
Outosego .com



Ps : You get direct links through my magazine.  Additionally, i placed my Delicious Bloggers Magazine to my sidebar, and it’s easy for the visitor to take a look at your wonderful and delicious recipes.  Take care, dear friends.  Let me play a video.

Outosego .com


click on : OutosegoClips | The Collection


Delicious Bloggers

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28 thoughts on “Delicious Bloggers

    1. You ‘re welcome, Don. I wish you are doing great. You’ re a wonderful photographer. You ‘re one of the Xii in a collection of mine which is the following :

      Ps 1 : I want to make clear to my visitors -and especially to the visitors of this post of mine- that Don Urban -who happens to be an amazing photographer who lives in Australia- makes his comment in this post because this is one of the posts which i connected with the facebook feed., and he is able to see the share. I have no doubt that he might know to cook wonderfully… my Delicious Bloggers !… lol…

      Ps 2 : Thank you, Don Urban, for passing by, and for your comment. Additionally, i’ll place the link which leads to your blog, in order for my visitors to click on and to visit you, and of course to take a look at your wonderful photography. Take care.

      Dear visitors, you may click on :


    1. Thank you for your kind words, and your compliment. I try to make the blog as vivid as it can be. I don’t always make it. Thank you, though.

      Ps : I saw your blog, and i read the introduction. I wanted to click on the like button, but you don’t use the buttons for this page of yours. I find very interesting what is written. I will follow, and i wish you to find the happiness and the peace you’re looking for. Take care, and thank you for once again.


    1. Thank you for your comment, Inese. I wish you are doing great.

      Ps: Inese, i don’t know if you saw a message of mine a few days ago on twitter. I created a special collection ( a magazine with a promotional video for my magazine ), and i named it : Xii Photographers | Collection i. You’ re one of the 12 photographers in this special collection of mine .

      Here’s the magazine :

      Here’s the video :


      1. haha… i love feta cheese ! But i, also, love kasseri, the yellow one ! With some sardines, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, and a medium narrow glass with ouzo and ice cubes. Oh …!


      2. The only other cheese I remember vividly was fried and on the “mixed plate” I can’t remember the name but similar to a mozzarella and it was seen hanging above the doorway outside the small village where we ate. The guide made sure to tell us to order it if we were cheese lovers. Yes I love cheese but I was thinking “ if it’s hanging outside the door it must be damm good, so I have to try it”


      3. haha… wonderful !… There is a nice restaurant in Manhattan. Not big, but cute. And not expensive. And they make wonderful food, they have wonderful plates. I think it is Greek and Cypriot cuisine. And the saganaki is marvellous !!!

        I check this stuff… haha… since they often advertise they are good, and “what a great greek kitchen we have”, but they are a big disappointment. Unfortunately !… Not all of them, but… you know what i mean.

        Ps : this is the place, just in case. Pylos is the name :


    1. Thank you, Doree ! I wish you are doing great, dear. I’ve done the same thing with some other categories. I created magazines. And i placed them to my sidebar. So the visitor of my site will be able to take a look -if he/she wishes to do so- and he/she will be able to read some wonderful posts -not only mine, but yours, also- and to enjoy through this variety of articles.

      Ps : Now, i’ll do the same with the “Poetry”. I’ll create a magazine on flipboard. Here’s a link of mine on how to use flipboard. It’s easy and helpful in many ways.

      You may take a look if you wish, or whoever is reading our comments right now, and he/she is interested :


      1. That’s great! I was bopping around your site the other day, and was amazed at all you’ve got on there. It’s fantastic!! I’ll check out the link now, thanks for sharing 😊.


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