Day: April 25, 2019


Awesome !…


Downtown we went

Craving for the sunset

That painted our glory

For how cinematic that was

Holding our breath

Looking for magic

Quietly feeling the upsurge

Clouds unveiling the rays

Descending upon our faces

With an evening breeze

Rolling in with our breath

Under the setting sun

Of all other places

It set our souls on fire

Felt like screaming

And wish for the world

To chant with us

Craving for the touch

That healed everything

Never wished to leave undone

Adrenaline gushing in

Facing the eternal bliss

Shedding all fears

We drove back

Waving goodbye to the sun

Seeped in summer breeze

Lost in myriad of thoughts

When door went all banging

Waking me up

From our evening parade

Leaving me grateful

For letting the time to cease.

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