ethereal friend


11 thoughts on “ethereal friend

      1. I am good now 🐨 A few days ago I did feel a bit chill and fevery after a grocery shopping – a robust-looking cashier yelled something loudly across me (meaning directly to my face) to another cashier behind my checkout aisle. I could literally sense the air exiled from his lungs vibrating everywhere around me. Reflexively I returned sideways to dodge the air bombs, and he immediately apologized to me recalling the rule of social distancing, yet he still had to finish the conversation with his coworker, so the air from his lungs continued to vibrate for another 30 seconds or so … Getting home I started feeling sick, and the particles of his air or at least my memory about it hovered around for a day or two until I finally felt better 🐇 At first I was very worried that he might be one of those who carries the virus without showing symptoms. But now I hope he’s really one of those symptom-free carriers, which means I am most likely immune to the virus now … I hope you’ve been doing ok? 🦀


      2. Oh, dear ! I see ! Who could ever imagine that going out would mean an adventure like the one you describe ! I’m relatively ok for the moment. Upset like everybody else, though, and angry. Stay safe, dear.


      3. Anger could be a good motivation, but try not to let it weaken your immune system, dear Outosego 🍑🍏 We need you to stay healthy and continue to share your short but sophisticated musings every now and then … 🦉


      4. Thank you, dear, for being elegant and nice. It isn’t in my nature to be angry, or this and that, but, nevertheless, anger could be a good motivation, sometimes, as you said.


      5. I know someone who could appreciate ‘ethereal friendship’ as delicately as you do would never be the type born to be angry; he only gets angry when he has good reason to. Strangely, when you get angry, we feel safe, because we see in you the example of someone who cares deeply and loves freely 🦄


      6. I really do enjoy the way you write and you put things to their place. Your perspective on things, ideas and thoughts, let’s say. I wish you to have a great future, dear. I know you’re a student, you wrote this to a previous conversation. It makes me happy to see there is so much depth and wisdom. It makes me happy to discuss with you on different topics.

        Is there a certain kind of studies you want to follow when time will arrive to pick a college or a university ?


      7. Philosophy might be something that interests me 🐏 But I would never do well in conventional ways. I am a peculiar type! 🐌🦔 So I aim at becoming like another blogger friend suggested – an ‘Armchair Academic’, who study things from distance within their comfort zones – let’s just pretend that’s possible for a minute 😽😽😽


      8. The salt and pepper is in the non conventional way. I’m sure you ‘ll do great. And i wish you all the best , and above all to enjoy and make your soul happy no matter what you’ll decide to follow. You have a charisma, dear !


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