Memory for a gift

memory for a gift


Take care yourselves.  Take care your family and friends.  We all need some rest.

Memory for a gift :  You know where to find articles of your interest in my blog.  You can scroll down the feed or search by category.  And of course you’ll find plenty of unique material of yours if you click on my Flipboard Magazines.  You are free to act as you wish on the material.  It’s yours anyway.  Flip it, share it, take a look, or do nothing.  It will always be there, though, on the net sphere!

I’ll write here and there a few thoughts or whatever you wanna call it.  A bit more rare, though.  Thank you, ethereal friends, for visiting my living room, for liking and commenting on Outosego.  Take care yourselves.  Take care your family and friends.  

Let me play a song : 


Shardad Rohani | outosego .com

63 thoughts on “memory for a gift

  1. I hope you are well. Thank you for your kindness and help with my blog. I generally am careful about downloading things from my email. No offense intended. You are very gifted and kind. I hope to see you again on WordPress.

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      1. Good. Glad to hear. It’s been a tough year. I’m well and also doing my best. I hope you keep reading, Outosego! I’ve missed you, dear friend!


      1. i’m looking for that relief still. But thank you, dear. Things happen out of sudden in life. You already know this. But to me it is unimaginable what has happened to Thyself. I’ll explain one day.

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      2. Your soul sings to us
        From afar
        If only you could feel the love
        From those of us
        Strangers you’ve brought together
        One day…
        Relief will come

        Hang on

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    1. I should thank you, dear Barbara. I read your post and it brought tears in my eyes. Thank you very much for the appreciation. I have the same feelings for you all, my ethereal friends.

      C’ est la vie, though, full of happiness but pain also. An unknown trip with unexpected moments that can change your life instantly. And not an endless one, of course.

      Thank you for your friendship, your thoughts and concern.


      1. Yes, joy and sorrow make the hard beauty of our lives, it’s true. But a friend’s pain deserves at least all the thoughts of his friends to relieve it and try to heal it. Mes pensées sont pour vous, pour que tout aille mieux et que vous n’ayez plus de mal.


      1. I’m very happy that you can answer me – and a little worried that you’re not well yet. Don’t forget that you’re invited to France 🙂 My heart goes out to you – may I say that ? Je suis de tout mon coeur avec vous.


      1. That stings my heart to hear 😢. There are a handful I feel I’ve “connected” with here in the WP universe. On whatever level that might be. You are a kindred spirit, know that you are cared for by strangers, so that has to make your circle bigger! I hope whatever is making you not ok can be remedied with time. I’ll be thinking about ♥️.


  2. Not everything goes according to plan and problems arise at bad times. You just have to draw strength and have a lot of faith to overcome them. I can only send you my message of solidarity with you and I hope you are well.
    Greating and best wishes.


      1. I am terribly sorry to hear that, my friend — you know that I think the world of you, in this our shared ethereal world, that is. I can’t pray to God to help you but I do send to you all my most positive heartfelt psychic energy to get better and feel well. Until we communicate again, dear friend. Bill.

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      2. I’m deeply touched. Thank you. We’ll communicate, dear Sir, again, no matter what. I’m deeply honored by your friendship.

        With much gratitude and appreciation,
        Your ethereal friend, Outosego.


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