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Outosego is a wonderful creature.

He/She/It is Public.

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Your opinion 

I would, also, like, to hear your opinion on the following, which is a list of a few questions of mine.  Leave a reply on the comment field, if it is ok with you, and if you wish :

1. If I ask you to go back in time, to remember the very first image of yours in life, how old do you think you are ? Can you please write down the number ?
2. Have you ever thought of yourself separated from this life ?
3. What do you think of death ?
4. Do you suspect that we might be something more than flesh and bones ?
5. How often does it happen to experience the so-called deja vu ?
6. Are you scared of the dreams ?
7. Have you ever thought that we -the creatures of this planet- might be the result of an experiment ?
8. What is your relationship with the time ?
9. Are you lucky ?
10. Are you happy ?
11. What bothers you mostly ?





18 thoughts on “About : Outosego

  1. 1) I think my first memories are from when I was 4.
    2) I remember very early in life thinking, what if we asked babies right when they learn to talk what it was like before they were born, maybe they’d remember. So I’d guess I thought of myself (and other people) separate from this life very early. I also sometimes think about what it’d be like to be other people and what it’d be like to be dead.
    3) I used to imagine death to be us being a formless being of pure thoughts and feelings. We could feel each other’s presence even though we’re just our mind but I don’t believe that anymore. Now I think when you’re dead you’re just nothing. No thoughts, no feelings, just nothing.
    4) This is complicated, I’ve heard the idea that reducing an idea down to just the molecules that are used to think the idea isn’t really accurate. You can translate an idea from fleshy hardware to computer hardware. I’ve also heard of the thought experiment of a scientist who can’t see a certain colour but she is an expert in that colour. Knows the wavelengths, the way the eye and the brain perceive it, everything. Now let’s say one day she can see the colour. Does she learn anything new? I’d say so, but it’d probably not mean that there’s something unmaterial about her.
    5) I think I experience deja vu pretty often. Maybe once a month or so.
    6) I’m not scared of dreams. I love my dreams mostly, lately, my dreams have been a bit boring but usually, I love them.
    7) No, I don’t think we are the result of an experiment. I’d think it might even be more likely that our entire universe is an experiment than that we are. I have read some SMBC cartoons on this subject though.
    8) I think time goes a bit too quickly in general.
    9) No, I don’t think I’m lucky.
    10) Most of the time I’m not happy, but I’m a bit happy now.
    11) The way my life has turned out is the thing that bothers me most.

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    1. I really do appreciate you took the time to answer my questions. Thank you, dear friend. I find your answers extremely interesting. By the time i’ll learn more about you and your blog. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you for the share of my photos. In answer to your first question my earliest memory is of being on a bridge over railway lines and looking down. I was about two years old. I know this is a true memory because as a child I asked my mother how I was able to see over the guard rail as I was too short. She told me that my grandfather used to lift me up. I did not remember that but I did remember the trains!

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  3. The first image I remember is of me in kindergarten staring as the other kids attack Peggy Lang for her bag of chocolate candies and she grabs it tighter and tighter as I just stare. I am 5.
    Am I lucky? Still alive and fighting.
    Am I happy? Mostly.


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