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Best friend: 17 years and counting…………


“Everything and everybody changes as we grow up and nothing remains the same but there is a exception. My best friend will still be my best friend”

I always want to write a post in dedication for my best friend Shivajyothi. I have been thinking about this for a long time and today would be the day to write my heart out.

In past 17 years no matter how our lives turned, how our personal and professional lives were, we both never fall apart and it was clear that forever word is best suited for us. Many people have crossed my life and a few hardly leave their mark in it. But whomsoever leave their footsteps in my heart will stay right there in my race no matter how hard my path is.

I met her when I was in my 8th class and she was in 6th grade…

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Wonderful poem, and poet.