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She knows how to write.  Nyri is new in wordpress. When i saw her writing style, i asked her a question : “Are you a teacher, dear?”.  She said “Yes…”

But she doesn’t mention this at her “About” page.  Which means i’m a magician.  No matter what, she knows how to write.  Many teachers do not know how to write, but she does.

Nyri -like many others in wordpress- is in an experimental phase with wordpress.  This is a common answer i get when i ask : “Why don’t you have this on your blog ?  Is it because of that ?  Actually, it is because they are confused a bit with the platform.  This is the reason i write a few posts on the topic “wordpress” in order to help some wonderful writers like Nyri to move on.  Because they deserve something better, a better advice or help.  And the “specialists” on the topic make things worst when they write in order to “help”. Because they are teckies.  Which means they don’t know how to write, dear writers.  I’m not a specialist, but i’m pissed with the “specialists”.  I think you already know this.

Now, Nyri is a Calypso !  Which means she is beautiful, dear.  But she is an Ulysses too, because she likes travelling around the world.  And she likes to write her adventures on her blog.


She is also a mother, an educator and an advocate for students and young adults with disabilities by day. She says : “I’m a travel enthusiast, a writer, and a photographer in training by night and all moments in between. Home is anywhere I can see and feel the power of the ocean.”


The last one is a wonderful information i got when i clicked on her Gravatar Which means Gravatar is a wonderful tool to use.  I explained a few things in previous posts, but i’ll write more on the topic “Gravatar”.

Nyri, i wish you all the best.  I will visit your blog here and there to learn words, things and stuff. Dear friends, you may visit Nyri’s blog by clicking on the following address:  https://imunnerved.blog




PS:  Thank you, dear friends, for passing by, and for your likes and comments. Additionally, this category of mine which is entitled “About You” is a gift to the young people in order to observe the writing style of some wonderful people who i find they  have quality and sense of the aesthetics.


2 thoughts on “Nyri Wesley

    1. You’ re very welcome, Nyri. I love poetry and literature and I pay attention to the words. Because words are Gods, the most wonderful Gods. I wish you all the best. Take care and enjoy.

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