The Old Freaks in Athens

The Old Freaks !

_ What a Title !  Dear !

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_ 1998 was the year !  The Babylon Tour !  Olympic Stadium of Athens was the place.  The one you saw, or you visited during the Olympic Games in Greece, back in 2004.

Outosego was there since day one !  It was back then when i first saw Lisa Fischer, and fell in Love, of course, with the girl.  I didn’t expect Mick to lick her leg on stage, though.  “Lucky bastard !”, i whispered.  I like Mick !  Do not misunderstand me.  I wish i was in his place, though, only and just only for this gorgeous moment.  I don’t mind for the rest of his moments.

And i really laughed when i saw written in a newspaper : “The Old Freaks are back in Athens”.  With huge letters, dear !… lol …

They came back as kings !  With their private jets, and with… with… with… You can’t imagine !

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_ 1967 was the first time in Athens.  Their first concert.  Four days before the establishment of the dictatorship in Greece.  Mick Jagger was 24 years old back then.  

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Everything and anything was borrowed by… the neighbor next door… haha…  Some cheap wooden chairs on stage, and etc.  They were poor, dear !   Poor, but -nevertheless- young and beautiful.  Poor, but -nevertheless- rich at the same time !  They were young, dear !  And when you’ re young, you’ re rich, no matter if you’ re poor !… lol …

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That concert, back then, was never meant to be.  Some wonderful red roses was the reason of the unfinished concert back then.  According to the rumors, Mick had the idea to return the wonderful gesture of a young girl back then, who she threw a few red roses to him on stage.  Some people say that this was his manager idea, but i do not believe this one. 

Outosego .com

Oh gosh !  The police stopped the concert, trying to arrest everyone, since the roses were red !  The fight started.  Punches and kicks, kicks and punches.  The young people were trying to protect the band and themselves at the same time.  Punches and kicks, kicks and punches.  

I heard Mick saying -once and once upon a time- that they were familiar with this !  It wasn’t the first time !… lol …

Outosego .com

The police thought that this gesture was part of some kind of conspiracy.  That they were communists, dear !  All of them !  Mick must have been the leader of the conspiracy !… lol … Yes, the same Mick who travels around the world with his private jet !… haha… 

The Old Freaks in Athens
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