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Tony O' Brien | Special effects

Special effects

Makeup and Special Effects | I don’t Know Tony O’ Brien.  I saw his art work as I was scrolling down my timeline on facebook.  I think he is wonderful.  What an amazing work !… You may want to take a look on his projects.  … Continue reading Special effects


George Clooney and a Priest

  For Ouzo 12   Με την υπογραφή τής Theamon FILM INDUSTRY & PRODUCTION : “Αισθησιακό, αλλά όχι χυδαίο”. Παίζουν οι ηθοποιοί : Dimitris Ell & George Clooney . Φιλικές συμμετοχές : Dimitris Ell & George Clooney . Έκτακτες συμμετοχές : Ouzo12, μιά καθαρίστρια κι ένας παπάς ( από καθαρή απόσταξη, … Continue reading George Clooney and a Priest


Theodora Kokkinou Art

Fine Arts : Theodora was born in Athens in 1967. Using Fine Arts and Music as the main communication means, she worked for 10 years (1994-2004) in Art Therapy (research and practice), mainly in public psychiatric Greek hospitals (Leros, Athens). So far, her work has … Continue reading Theodora Kokkinou Art