didn’t know

They were Gods !

Didn’t know.  None of them both.  Back then.  Met a wonderful summer.  It must be written somewhere !

Met by Luck !  A wonderful summer.  Spending some time together, some unique moments !  It must be written somewhere !

Traveling.  Discussing.  Laughing.  Enjoying without knowing.  It must be written somewhere !

Wanted to thank him. Picked a handkerchief to paint colors on it, and signs of an unknown language : “baci Mi”.

It must be written somewhere !


8 thoughts on “didn’t know

    1. Thank you, dear NZain. I remember the time back then with much gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful and beautiful souls i was lucky to meet, known and unknown. I was a God, once, and once upon a time. I discovered it lately… What a pity ! Teachers at school should better start with this when in a class : You are Gods and Goddesses ! It must be written somewhere.


      1. Even Jesus says this referring to the psalms—“remember where it is said ‘ye are gods?” But I didn’t get that in church…had to find it for myself. Like most things. Yes, it must be written somewhere indeed! Keep writing Outosego the one and only!


      2. Thank you for your appreciation, dear. Jesus was wonderful. I had to discover it on my own, like you did. And i had to discover many more on my own, NZain, the One and Only !


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