Praying is good !

Praying is Good!


No matter my critique to the Gods, i have to admit that praying is good !  It works like visiting a psychologist -somehow- and sitting on his sofa saying what you want to say.  Same thing !  Sometimes it works even better !  And you don’t have to pay for a visit !  Visit Free !  Just saying !

Personally, i have my own way when i pray !  I start a “dialogue” with the unknown superior whatever which is actually a monologue.  It doesn’t matter.  All i want to say is that i don’t follow a “protocol”.

It goes like this :

“Where are you, man ?  Don’t you see what’s going on ?  Still drunk ?  Move your butt, please !  Help him/her, they are in need !  And i’ll buy you a chocolate.  That’s a promise !  I can always make you a pie or a cake, if you wish !  Handmade !  To make you happy !  Come on now !  Show your Presence, Power and Love, and HELP !  Spinach pie and Cheesecake are on the table waiting for you !  I’ll stop my critique if you wish !  Who fucken cares about my critique ?  No one !  PLEASE HELP !  NOW !”    



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