high Mountains and flowing Water

5 thoughts on “high Mountains and flowing Water

  1. Very calming music!!! Just what I needed to sit and listen to today!!! I will play this every time I get stressed or frustrated!!! Had an awful morning of trying to buy a bottle of Tylenol for my headache!!! Our shelves are out of everything around here. Very frustrating!! After trying 4 stores I remembered I keep some in my backpack for when I am hiking!! Day saved!! Listened to this beautiful music and I’m calmed down!!!


  2. This is so beautiful and ethereal, dear Outosego 💗 I couldn’t have found a video more touching and satisfying than this one. The spirit about this eternal piece is a story about friendship, the purest kind and noblest sort of friendship, where souls are communicated through music and connected by music. I love everything you’ve done for it, from the selection of video and audio, to the pictures of mountains, rivers, clouds, and the caption, the frames, the fonts, the seasonal tinges of colors and the too beautiful sentiments it brings forth … You are such a tasteful, skillful, delightful soul, Outosego. I am grateful to have a friend like you 🍑


    1. Can’t thank you enough for the wonderful words you chose to write this beautiful and unique comment of yours.

      I, also, thank you for the suggestion of the song which was yours, and which i find divine.

      I’m glad you like it, and thank you for considering me a friend. I feel honored.


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