Why Father ?

Why have you forsaken me ?

Why ?  An interesting question !


Assumptions :

-Father doesn’t exist

-Father needs a sacrifice

-What else ?

8 thoughts on “Why have you forsaken me ?

  1. The man was crazy, these days he would be in Ward 3C. It’s incredible he’s still worshipped by billions 2,000-plus years later. That said, it doesn’t have anything to do with believing in a creator, for want of a better word — certainly a better or more rational word than God. I’m referring to the creator of the Universe, a mathematically precise work of wonder and magic. Therefore, the creator is more of a scientist or a mathematician or a magician than a god. Let’s steal from the comic books and call him Mandrake. I like that. Let us all bow to the Mighty Mandrake. Now that’s something I can wrap my head around, rather than any of that religious mumbo jumbo.


    1. Thank you for your comment, dear Sir. Very interesting ! Personally, i see him as a “political” figure, an activist of his era. With some dose of craziness, of course. Maybe his craziness was part of a plan, to be able to move around. He had the guts, though, to go against a few things, and he had a style ! He was tortured and executed as if he was the worst criminal. I think some people of power felt threatened by the “crazy” man. To me this is obvious. Later on, his “style” was adopted by Gandhi and Martin Luther King, with much success. To me it is incredible he’ s still worshiped for the wrong reasons … haha… Anyway.

      Yes, you’ re right, Creator is much better than the God word. “Let us bow to the Mighty Mandrake.” !… haha… you made me laugh with this. Thank you, Sir.


      1. “Political activist” is the right way to put it — my word (a product of the late and inebriated hour) was flippant and too harsh, cruel in fact in view of the way things turned out, and I apologize to his followers for that. As you say, Gandhi and King carried the same message but with a little less self-importance. Not that any of this matters much to Mandrake the Maker, who did better than walk on water — he created the water! But the true magic is in the mathematical precision of the orbits — the moon, the earth, the sun, the solar system, the galaxies… which brings me back to seeing “God” as a mathematician, but that is silly of course — it’s enough to say, I think, that if we should worship anything that makes sense (immaculate sense) it is the Universe. And now it’s time to revive the hungover mind with coffee! Have a good day, sir, as they say in Noo Yawk.


  2. I suppose the truth is this: There is no absolute truth, but only relative truth. In other words, everything is up for individual interpretation 🐛


    1. Thank you for your comment. I like what you just wrote. The mathematical truth, though, seems to be absolute and not relative. On the other hand the kind of truth we call relative, is not truth at all. I mean it doesn’t reveal anything. Maybe i’m wrong, but i just wrote my opinion.


      1. I like what you wrote too. Maybe in my mind mathematical truth is more like under the category of ‘fact’ instead of ‘truth’. While the ‘relative truth’ is something more ‘metaphysical’. I don’t know. Words are just words in the end …


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