the loss and the pain

People lose loved ones every day so I’m not putting myself in a special category, I’m just telling my story.

Fourteen months to the day and the loss and the pain have never diminished, and, despite prayers and desperate cries in the night for the faintest presence of her spirit, some kind of sign from an “after life,” a glimmer of hope from “God” — nothing.


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8 thoughts on “the loss and the pain

  1. I’ve been a silent admirer of Mich’s writing since I read it for the first time through your blog. Your blog is a goldmine, Outosego, thanks for sharing all the wonderful stuff! But it pains me watching Mich suffer so. Here’s a thought I want to share – it doesn’t really matter whether God is fantasy or not, reality is only what we believe it to be, so why not choose to believe in what might render you peace (God or something else, whatever that works for you), and keep a pinch of darkness for nostalgia only … I know it may not help but it works somewhat for me. @2mich21


    1. Thank you for your comment and your kind words.

      “… why not to choose to believe in what might render you peace…” is a wonderful suggestion of yours.

      Peace ! What an interesting word ! And not only !

      Thank you for once again for your comment !


      1. Yes Outosego, I believe it’s important to make peace with oneself and all the rest. And no one could help you but yourself. And the only way to help oneself is by monitoring one’s own thoughts – replace the sad ones with lighthearted ones. Although l know there is a possibility that good writers like Mich might also need nostalgic thoughts to get the flow going, so it’s necessary to still keep a pinch of ‘dark’, and it’s certainly what makes his writing so tasteful! However, in the end, peace is your true home … Thank you again Outosego, for providing such a space full of wonders and inspirations!


      2. I, also, thank you for your wonderful thoughts and English, and for taking the time to read and write.

        My opinion is that our lives -despite the common characteristics- do not roll the same for everyone and each one. I know you know this. Which means that we express ourselves accordingly to what we have lived and accordingly to many more factors. There is no “dark” on Mich’s writing, but his truth, his life, his reality. I see you put the “dark” in quotes, and i get your point. Do not misunderstand me, i’m not preaching, just saying for the sake of our conversation. You’ re an intelligent human being, i can tell. I read your posts, also. Your thoughts and comments are welcomed.

        And i would love to hear your opinion about the humans. Are we more than flesh and bones ?


      3. I often feel powerless in front of language. It is a help but more often a hindrance. I suspect 99.99% of misunderstanding in this world is created by language. ‘Dark’ is a tasteful word in my dictionary. But I realize I may have used it too casually and made it sound as if I meant something truly dark. What I really meant is melancholy and nostalgia, and in your words – truth, life, and reality. So please accept my apologies. What I attempted (but might have failed) to suggest is that, no matter how uneasy reality is, possibly we could trick our own mind into thinking easier thoughts … Anyway I know you get my points and I am grateful for that.

        I don’t know exactly what you mean by the question ‘Are we more than flesh and bones’, but I will try to answer it based on its face value – yes, I think we are more than flesh and bones; flesh and bones are just a temporary adobe/abode for the mind/energy/spirit; after the flesh and bones are worn out, the energy will live on … And I would love to hear your own answer to it.


      4. haha… i really like your opinion about what the language can cause to the world ! My optimistic prediction is that things will become way worse… hahahahahaha… thank you for making me laugh with this.

        You don’t have to apologize for anything, dear friend. I understood very well what you meant. And, actually, you’ re right when you say that the poets and the writers have this kind of tendency, to put a pinch of “dark” to their work. Mich, though, and people like Mich do not belong to this category. I mean their intention is not such, their life is such, or has become such. And, of course, i know you know. And thank you for writing your suggestion and thoughts on this, which is something i find extremely kind and noble.

        Thank you for answering my question. You got my question right. I wish i had a solid answer to this question. The only thing i have is some weird experiences. I don’t think i’m the only one, though, with such experiences. I say to myself that if the fundamental prerequisite is to be alive to live such experiences -the one that we call “metaphysical”- then there is nothing metaphysical. What there is is that we haven’t understood some other capabilities of ourselves, and of the environment that we call “cosmos”, plus many more. Probably because we pay much more attention to the words and not to the feelings, and not only. According to your wonderful suspicion : the words are “guilty” for the 99,99% of the misunderstanding in this world !


      5. I appreciate the warmth and kindness shined through your words 🦉 Words may be ‘guilty’ but it’s good intention that counts, that’s why we are still writing and reading and communicating despite all the faulty words 🕊 I don’t know exactly what sort of ‘weird experiences’ you’re talking about, but I don’t want to be intrusive by prying it further, since it may not be convenient for you to get specific. If you’ve shared it before in some way in one of your posts, then point me to the right direction so that I could understand it better. Otherwise I wish you a great day and we’ll shared thoughts whenever occasions present themselves 🐱


      6. I wish you to have a great day, also. I really enjoyed our conversation. I’ll find few of my posts and i’ll place them under this comment of mine. Thank you a lot !


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