so what, dear ?

His pronunciation is wonderful.  And the man is wonderful, but he misses a great amount of details.  Like most of his colleagues, theo+logists and priests.  And this is only four lines of written speech.

Some of the so called theo+logists and priests pretend they don’t know.  I’ll speak it out : Their intentions are no good.  They sell theo+logy.

The difference between them and the common people of god is that they are not pure.  Not pure at all.  It is another thing to have the need to get some courage from the so called faith and another thing to say i’m in constant communication with the god who wants you to buy and to bite my words and here’s the latest news from god’s life.

Fortunately i live in a place where i can make any kind of critique -or discussion- on this matter.  Because freedom of speech (logos) is of great importance and above all gods.  To some other countries this wouldn’t be easy, not even today, the year 2020.  If this isn’t self explanatory, all you have to do is to test yourself, which is something i do not recommend.


“So what is the meaning of this, the conclusion ?” is my next question.  I know he would love to know in order to give an answer but he doesn’t know.  He teaches, though.  He is a teacher !… lol…


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