discussion about home

discussion about home

The Terms :

I had a discussion about a few “metaphysical” things which occurred when we’ re kids.   I place the terms “metaphysical” or “supernatural”  in quotation marks.   The fact we can’t explain a few things doesn’t make them meta+something or para+something or super+something.   

The “something” is always equal to physis, and physis is equal to nature.  We use to say “physical”, “natural”.  And when something is physical or natural, then it’s normal.  If not natural and physical, then not normal, it is paranormal, maybe… lol… 

At least, this is the tendency we have, to place things in categories accordingly to what we know, or accordingly to what we are able to know, or accordingly to what we are being told or taught, or accordingly to what we experience, etc.

Basic Five :

The Senses are the medium which connect us with the “physical” or the “natural”.  In quotation marks the terms, since the senses connect us with an experience. 

We experience an experience through senses.  Whatever the experience might be (touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight).  And we call them “the basic five”.  We act like lawyers here and we put the word “basic” before the number !… lol… To leave a window opened, just in case… hahaha…  No one knows what tomorrow can bring !  Maybe something metaphysical, or maybe a sixth, a seventh, an eighth, a ninth sense will be discovered !  Only God knows, but he has his mouth firmly shut.

The basic five, though, are of great importance, undoubtedly and without any question, dear !

I Have A Feeling :

Personally, i give to the “I have a feeling” thing, the sixth place.  I wrote this one again, to a previous post of mine.  It seems to me that the kids are very attached to this.  I won’t use the therms “consciously” or “subconsciously”.

What is interesting to me -and from my personal investigation and statistics- is that most kids have the feeling that they do not belong here.  This world is not where they belong, not their home.  Their feeling is such.  The feeling has a “voice”, and an “opinion”, or “knowledge” !  

The Two Words :

Two words are very interesting to me, because they repeat them.  The words are : “belong” and “home”.  The kids have no issues with their parents or family or the closer environment, etc.  They are extremely happy, with all the peace and warmth that their  families can give.  This is the result i got from my personal sample, actually, over the years.   Their feeling, though, is such.

There is one more word, though, that they use, for which i won’t write anything about.

Kids No More :

The friends i was discussing this are not kids !  They confirmed they had to go through this.  My opinion, though, is that you don’t have to go through this.  This is not a disease.  This has its own place, and will always be present.  We probably call it with different names (which i won’t write for i’m not interested to add confusion, i’m interested for the experience and the”feeling”). 

The interesting part of the discussion with my friends and visitors is that they used to “play” a lot with the third word when they were kids, the one i avoid to write in this post !

Ps :

Thank you for passing by, dear fellow bloggers.  Sometimes i write posts like this one, because a few things have been torturing me since i was young.  This is the only place to store few of my thoughts and experiences.  Take care.  Let me play a song.

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5 thoughts on “discussion about home

  1. Your article is profound and warrants much thought, but may I say, in a general way, and not exactly to your point, that “home” is a wonderful cozy word full of wonders — love, companionship, warmth, happiness, safety and so forth — which is why it is life’s hell to be homeless.


    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment, dear Sir. You’ re absolutely right, it is life’s hell to be homeless. Someone might say : ” How do you know, Outosego ? And what is it that you know about being homeless ? ” And he/she’ll be right. Never been in such situation. On the other hand, i have eyes and i can see and i can tell. Someone might say : “not the same thing”, and he/she ‘ll be right for once again.

      And very interesting, Sir, is, also, your notice : “home” = wonders

      The third word i avoided to write in this post is a word which can be connected with your words above.


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