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Twitter and Happenology

Twitter unsuspend
Twitter’s bots said :

Your account was suspended because we found that it was in violation of the Twitter Rules.

This includes any (!) of the following:
using a trending or popular hashtag with an intent to subvert or manipulate a conversation or to drive traffic or attention to accounts, websites, products, services, or initiatives;
Tweeting with excessive, unrelated hashtags in a single Tweet or across multiple Tweets;
posting identical or substantially similar hashtags from multiple accounts you operate;
coordinating with or compensating others to engage in artificial engagement or amplification, even if the people involved use only one account.

On review of your appeal, we have decided to unsuspend your account. However, please be advised that any future behavior in violation of the Twitter Rules may result in the permanent suspension of your account.

Please carefully review the Twitter Rules to avoid future enforcement actions by Twitter.
As a reminder and as set forth in the Twitter Terms of Service, you are responsible for your use of the Twitter Services and for safeguarding your Twitter account—as such, you should ensure that anyone with access to your account always follows the Twitter Rules.
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Thank you for the response, Twitter bots or Support, and for un-suspending my account.  Still, though, your explanation is confusing.  ” This includes any of the following…” sentence of yours, proves me right, since you’ re not able to identify the problem or the “violation” and to be accurate, and to help me, of course, understand what i did wrong. 

Gentlemen, your medium is great, but you better hire some people, some humans with flesh and bones, able to communicate with the rest of the world.  Bots are no good for the job.  

Best wishes for a wonderful and happy new year.
_ Outosego | Publisher at Flipboard NYC

This is the immediate response to the above ! Auto-reply, dear ! Bots All Over !

Let me play a song !
Outosego breaker

Ps : I had to send the following tweet.  To check, dear, if Twitter knows -or likes- to use its own platform or medium !  LOL !…

Outosego breaker

10 thoughts on “Twitter and Happenology

    1. You’re absolutely right, dear friend. On the other hand, it seems that many business are following this tactic, which isn’t the best one.

      I know they won’t listen to me, but i won’t keep my mouth shut.

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      1. Yeah, a lot of social media platforms are going that way. Not sure how many other businesses are doing this. I think the bigger the bussines the more likely it is they’re going to use bots for customer service.

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    1. Thank you, Matt… haha… maybe they have such an issue !

      Ps : I didn’t do anything unusual to tell you the truth. Sharing, actually, is the purpose of the existence of any kind of social platform. I understand, of course, the technical need for them to use some bots -or auto whatever- but the excessive use of bots is not beneficial at all, not even for a big company like twitter. They already know this, but they don’t care much since they are “big”. When they’ll become small again they’ll take it under consideration… haha…


      1. I’ve stayed away from twitter..the way people attack one another on that platform isn’t something I want to be a part of. Maybe they can find a way to put a stop to that and leave people like you alone.


      2. You’ re absolutely right on this. They attack each other easily. Fortunately they have found some ways and they have some options to use in order to avoid much of the trouble. Personally, i find twitter an interesting platform and it’s probably because of the way i use it. Most followers like the stories and the poetry i share through twitter. This is very interesting to me, dear friend.


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