for the Japanese friends


4 thoughts on “for the Japanese friends

  1. Thank you for a wonderful song for Japan. I am also praying with the Japanese god that the people of your country are happy from Japan.
    Thank you🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️


    1. You don’t have to pray anywhere dear friend. Your warm and positive thoughts are more than enough, and i really do thank you for this. The song is very touching, and when i’ll have the time i’ll write a related article analyzing a few musical elements, and not only.

      Best wishes for great health, happiness and longevity. Happy New Year.

      Ps: Despite the fact i do not live in Greece for the moment, i know very well that there are many museums with special wings dedicated to the Japanese art and literature, and not only. Additionally there is a wonderful palace in Corfu -an island at the Ionian Sea- with a wonderful and a rare Japanese art collection. And, of course, there are many events which is easy for someone to find and visit, and to discover more for both civilizations. Take care, dear friend, and thank you, for once again.


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