Circe was smart !

He said !  The Professor, dear !  Once, and once upon a time !  Actually, he said : “Circe was intelligent.  This is why she was beautiful.  Beauty is not just and just only neck and hair and curves.  Beauty is a demonized domination and the causes remain unknown.  And because they couldn’t explain the quality of this kind of beauty, they imagined her being a witch.

This is the kind of beauty that leaves you speechless.  Watch out !  Beauty can Kill !… haha…”

Bruce Lee

5 thoughts on “Circe was smart !

  1. But yes.
    There is a tiny story that is told in France that shows the terrible power of beauty:
    “Two roosters lived in peace.
    A hen came…”
    I don’t need to tell you the rest.
    Our chickens fought, they probably both lost. What pretty hen would want a torn rooster?


    1. Interesting questions, dear. And i’m helpless. The professor is gone, long time ago ! I have to answer according to my experience in life, and according to what i’ve seen and etc.

      First of all, it doesn’t need to kill. You’ re right on this. However, we still listen to the news for different kind of love stories, and -probably- we’ve experienced or lived in our families some kind of “weird” love stories.

      I’m almost sure that two men can fight to death for the sake of two beautiful eyes. Which means that this fight won’t have a happy end, at the end… lol

      I’m sure you’ve read there was an era that men were giving a fight, due to a custom or to a code, the code of honor, or whatever. This was an arrangement. I’m sure they’ve arranged many fights for the sake of a beautiful woman.

      And not only the men ! Women can kill, also, dear, in the name or for the sake of beauty !!!


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