…and he said :

Check : TraveL MaG

8 thoughts on “…and he said :

    1. We have become visual, also, dear !… lol… I understand what you mean, though, and you’ re right.

      Ps: i’m sending the following message to your wonderful husband : “the only fantastic is thyself !”… lol…

      I agree with your husband on the fact that there are some fantastic programs out there. I worked with many during the past, paid and free. I decided, though, to write a few guides on the topic “wordpress”. Which means i test free tools ! A wonderful free video editor is the “VSDC”.

      Here’s two articles of mine, which are placed in a category of mine which is entitled “Blocked”, for the blocked blogger. You may read them if you’ re interested : https://outosego.com/?s=vsdc&orderby=relevance&order=DESC

      Ps: To be honest with you, i’ve tried to simplify a few things, and to make my life easier, and to enjoy. Which means i do not work much with the video editors. Not as much as you might think. Take care, and thank you, for once again, for sharing @ Outosego.


    1. I really do thank you for your kind words, and for sharing a few of my posts. Much appreciated.

      I try to enjoy thyself as much as i can, and to have fun with some stupid things. Sometimes i make it, some other times i don’t… lol… Thank you for once again.


      1. My husband does fantastic things with my PPT about writers and music and quotes. I am awed by the patience and the creativity to do these things and my students love them.


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