Ugly Ads

Ugly Ads | by Outosego

__ Steve Jobs :

You, ALL, like Steve Jobs, don’t you ?  Especially, the young people Like Steve Jobs, a Lot !  I use present tense.  Not past tense, dear.  I have my reasons.  

If you all like Steve Jobs -my dear young people- why don’t you, then, stay a bit more at the beginning of his story ?

__ Aesthetics and Steve Jobs :

I will write only one word.  I will, also, explain the meaning of the word.  Then, you may search -by asking uncle Google, dear !…- to find out more about Steve’s story.

“Calli + graphy” is the word.  Actually, the word “Calligraphy” is a combination, (or a syn+ thesis) of two greek words.  

“Κάλλος” (or Kallos, or Callos ) is equal to the word “beauty“.  I’m more than sure that you, already, know the meaning of the second word.  You may, also, ask Liddell and Scott, dear, in case you don’t know what Calli (+ graphy) means !

Which means that when we start a conversation about the Aesthetics, we -actually- start to praise the beauty of whatever, which happens to be wherever… 

__ Consumers :

We all like to buy, dear.  And -sometimes- we, also, like to sell !  Which is normal, dear.  Nothing bad !

There are times, though, that we don’t buy !  Which is, also, normal, dear, since we don’t have money to spend.  

There are times, though, that we don’t buy, because we don’t bite… LOL … “What kind of product is this, dear ?  This is shit !”.

There are times, though, that we buy, despite the fact that the product is shit, or despite the fact that we don’t need the product !  But we are attracted -or seduced– by the BEAUTY of the package, dear !  The beauty of the image !  The beauty of the colors !  The beauty of the calligraphy !  Or the beauty of the lady who… sells !

__ Ad Blockers :

For the people who they do not know : “Ad Blockers” are some extensions (or widgets, or shit) that your browser offers to you, for free !  

Your Chrome browser, or your Mozilla (Firefox), or your Opera, or whatever you use as a browser, offers to you –for free– some extensions.  Go to the tools of your browser, and take a look, if you don’t believe me, dear !

Which means that whoever hates the advertisements, is gonna add (or install) an extension like the one i’m talking about.  In order to block the advertisements, dear, the Ads !

I assure you, my dear visitor, that most of us like to use the Ad Blockers !  For sure and for good !

__ Oxymoron :

The oxymoron, dear, is that the people who they like to sell, the people who are in the selling industry, like to use the same extensions !  They block the Ads !… LOL …


They want to sell, but they block the Ads, at the same time !… HAHA…

Which is awesome, dear !  Because this attitude says (or reveals) something to us. 

It says, dear, that : Either we don’t like the Ads, or that we don’t like the way they are being displayed !  Or that we do not care at all, since our lifestyle is much more different, way far !  Which is normal, also ! Yes, dear, some people do not care about the markets and the money, to buy or to sell.  I do not blame them at all, dear !

__ The young people :

The young people -and not only- want a way out.  They try to do their best -through this kind of technology, the web and whatever is included- to show their talent in arts, in poetry, in writing, in painting, in photography or wherever, or to sell in order to earn some f…n money

Some of them are extremely talented !  Extremely !  I can tell !  And some of them are really talented in creating different kind of apps and platforms and whatever is related to this kind of technology that we call : Web, or internet, or whatever you may wanna call it.

However, i observe a few things, some kind of attitude which reveals to me that either they are a bit confused, or that they do not know, or that they can’t escape from a mannerism, the mannerism of imitating attitudes and methods.  There is nothing bad in imitating -sometimes there is, though.  What is bad is the loop.  Especially, the kind of loop which doesn’t help -at all- to find a way out.  I won’t write more on this, for the moment.

__ Promoting Thyself :

“Hey, World !  I’m here !  And here i am !”

Of course you’ re here, dear.  I see you, dear.  I can see.  I can see you, dear.  You’ re here, and here you are.  And you’ re talented, dear.  Or you go through turbulence and struggles.  You’ re sad, dear.  Now, i can see you’ re happy !  I see your smile !  I like when you’re smiling !  You make me smile, when you’ re smiling, dear.

There is nothing wrong, dear, to shout out : “I’m here ! World !  And here i am !”.  

What is wrong, dear, is that i hate the word “promote / or promotion”.  Please, help me find another one.  This is what i got for the moment, though.

There are free tools out there, dear.  Find them, and use them your way.  Make your presence felt.  But be you.  Not someone else.

You can become an influencer, dear !  Actually, this is a joke !  Do not bite, dear !… LOL …

__ Ugly Ads, and ways of displaying Ads :

Let’s see what we ‘ve got here !

I don’t know how many of you have noticed the way Wp_com displays the Ads. 

The Wp-com Free Plan is the following :  https :  The Wp_com Paid Plan is the following : https :

The Wp_Paid Plan can, also, be the following : https : (or eu. or org. etc.)

Free Plan :

The Wp_com Free Plan is wonderful !  They give you something for Free, but they want something back.  They want some money back, dear.  The only way they can get/have/earn some money is through Ads.  

This is normal, dear friends.  This is logical.  They deserve the money.  They gave you -and they gave me- a wonderful tool for Free.  Despite my critique -here and there- towards the Wp_com, i acknowledge they deserve some money back.  I like to see them billionaires. 

I’ll be more than happy, dear, to see them billionaires, because this is gonna be achieved through your -and my- wonderful posts/articles/content !  I think, though, they might be, already, there !  Which is awesome, dear !

The thing which is not that awesome, though, is the way they display their Ads.  The Ads are the people who are interested in promoting Thyself (or their businesses) through Wp_com, and through us, the bloggers (or the publishers).

To observe how they display their Ads, you have to log out, and to visit your Free blog, as a visitor, dear.  Another way to observe the way their Ads are being displayed to your Free blog, is to share, or to send, or to copy and paste a link from a post of yours to Skype, or to Viber, etc.  And, then, to click on the link you just send through another app or platform to some friends of yours.  Try it, dear !  You’ll get an idea !


Furthermore, most of the Ads are irrelevant to your content and the essence of your articles and posts.

And, of course, some Ads are so ugly that you wanna puke, dear !… LOL …

And, of course, and in order to be fair, it isn’t only the wordpress with this kind of tendency -or preference, or whatever- to display the Ads from the  people or the businesses -who they trust Wp_com for the promoting job- so horrible

__ Example :

Actually, the following pictures are a tiny sample of what is going on !  The reality is much more worse.  I’ll come back, though, dear friends.  Until then, i’d like to thank you for passing by, for liking Outosego, and for your comments.  Take care.


wp com ugly ads

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Ugly Ads

5 thoughts on “Ugly Ads | by Outosego

    1. I really appreciate your kind words. I, also, learn, Gen – X, from all of you, the wonderful bloggers and adventurists.

      I have to write that ” I, also, learn from you…”, since this is the reality and the truth. Because i’m not a techie or a specialist, or a “blogging artist… lol”.

      I observe, though, and i test, and i write some info, and that’s all. Furthermore, i’m not a bot, or a robot, and i do not have this blog in some autopilot’s “hands”. At least, not yet !… haha…

      I have same questions, like everybody else, and i try to find answers, like everybody else !

      Ps : You’ re at .com, without the wordpress in the middle of your domain name, which means that they do not display their Ads on you. Which means that you can display -any time, and if you wish to do so- your promotional things, or ads, or whatever you wanna call them, your way !

      __ It is not bad for a blogger to want to earn some money. NOT BAD AT ALL, dear. I’m with them, all the way !


      1. I agree! My son helped me set up my wordpress at first but he lives in Colorado so most I have done by trial and error!!! I love learning so it has been fun! I need to work on self promotion as you have told me about!!! So much to do!!!


      2. __ “…by trial and error !” … hahahahahhahaha… i believe you, dear !

        __ You can’t imagine how many times i failed ! How many times i had to re-do this or that. How many times i was looking for an answer through the blogging “specialists” and “artists”…

        Madness !… LOL …


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