hire people, twitter

No more bots.  No good.

What the heck is going on with these companies ?  What the heck ?  Is it because they are young, but rude ?  Or is it because they are big ?

Automated responses and replies, dear !  24 hours a day !  And they call this one “Service” !

YES, we like the products.  We don’t like the “Service”.  There is NO SERVICE, dear.  Companies like the Twitter, or the Facebook are wonderful.  But they DO NOT know much about what “Service” is, dear.

Or they know, but they won’t admit the fact that their “Service” is shitty.  Shit service, dear.  Shit, shit, shit…

Additionally, they want you to bite that they know !  They know shit.  And it is inappropriate not to hire people.    Inappropriate, dear.

How many times do i have – or do you have- to “communicate” with the bots, in order to solve a STUPID issue.  A stupid issue, dear.

Same shit with the companies that they have voice bots to “help” you when you make the fucken call.

-Pick department, please, from 0 -9.  Hit the number that match to your case… bip bip bip bip bip… bip bip bip…  Sorry, we can’t help you right now… bip… bip…bip…  Our bots are stupid, they cannot help you right now… bip…bip…bip…  Stop hitting the numbers, we cannot… for the moment… bip…bip…bip…



10 thoughts on “hire people, twitter

    1. Thank you, Luisa, for this comment of yours. Scripta manent. Yes, dear, you’ re right. You cannot rely on them at all. An dit’s anothe rthing to get an automated reply which says ” we’ll be back to you, soon”, or “not available for the moment”, and it’s another thing to be asked to write a description of your problem and to receive stupid automated “solutions”. They are crazy, dear. They are not serious.


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