Takis Spyridakis

Takis Spyridakis

He was an actor, dear.  A wonderful one.  He is gone.  A few days ago.  I didn’t know him in person.  I knew him from his work, the theatre and the cinema.  I like to write “theatre”, and not “theater”, since it is closer to the greek origins, despite the fact there is no difference when you speak out the word.

Cancer was the cause.  The cause … the cause !  Not a cause, dear.  A label !  An etiquette !  A word !  No one knows the cause.  No one, dear.  If we knew the cause, dear… if we only knew the cause…  All you know, or all they know -the specialists- is an image of the present status quo. 

It is as if when you’re in a car accident, and you go to the specialist to fix your car.  All he is able to see -the specialist- is the present status quo, which is the image of your damaged car.  He does’t know shit about the cause.  Nada.  Nothing.  Τίποτα.  Actually, this is normal.  It is impossible for the specialist to know if you hit your car on the wall, or if you hit another car, or whatever might have happened to your car.   It is self explanatory, dear.  

Same thing with the Mds, the doctors, the physicians.  They have a lot of names, dear.  I give an advise, though, to avoid calling themselves “physicians”.  If they know what i mean, which i doubt.

They don’t know the cause, dear.  They know what they see.  And all they see is an image of your body, in and out.  And i don’t blame them for this.  I’m not that crazy, or that much of an idiot.  I’m an idiot as much as everybody else.  No more than this.  I assume.  I think.  Because this what the MDs do.  They assume.  They think.  They make a guess (accordingly to what they know from their science and their experience).   But they don’t know the root of the problem.  All they have in front of them is an image of thyself, which is I, and my body.  Dat’s it, dear.

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Outosego .com

-Let’s talk about the sickness.  I’ll take you to a bit more harder type of questions.  If you don’t mind…

-Take me wherever you wish, my dear George.  I will answer if i’m able to, since i’m not that educated.

-When did you get the “news” ?

-A year ago, same period of time.  Actually, i didn’t get any “news”.  What happened is that i’ ve noticed i couldn’t eat well.  I thought it was the stress from our job.  But everything was great and we had a big success in the theatre.  I didn’t visit any doctors, though.  However my ex wife -i hate the term “ex”, we still have a wonderful relationship- insisted on visiting a doctor.   It was a Tuesday morning when the doctor announced the “news” to me.  He didn’t know how to say this.  And i helped him by saying : “look, dear doctor,  i’m an old man.  You don’t have to use a special soft language.  I would appreciate if we can discuss this without saying half words.  Tell me whatever it is to be said, make it clear, to know what i’m gonna do from now on and to take my decisions. 

-And he said “cancer” ?

-He said “cancer”.  My second question was if this is something we can deal with.  Now, imagine, George, he took a look at the pc, and he saw what he saw, and then he said -with this kind of expression and look on his face- that : “Yes… sure… probably…”.  You can imagine how “happy” i felt…

-And then ?

-Then, i took my wife with me, and we went to a bar.  Very early in the morning.  I had 3-4 glasses of whisky, and i smoke a packet of cigarettes.  And i said a few things to myself, within.  I never said to anybody else the discussion i had with myself.  When i went home, i asked to see my children, to have  a discussion with them, in order to explain to them, to be prepared and not to have any surprises.  And i had a thought which saved me.  I said : “if the journey has come to the end, i can’t do anything, there is nothing i can do and that was it all.  I’ll fight, though”.  And i gave the fight, and i was lucky i was in good hands.  I will never forget my doctor, Dimitris Theodorou, who did a very complicated and difficult operation.  And not only this, but he inspired me, also, to resist and to give the fight and to overcome the difficult moment.  I owe him.  I owe to this man a lot…

-How long did you have to stay at hospital ?

-54 days.  I was in a public hospital, the Ippokrateio hospital.  So many young people, dear.  16, 17, 18 years old !…  In the rooms… And it was unfair not to be able to make it.  Unfair…  I’m sixty and i was able to make it, but i don’t find it fair… not fair at all.  Nevertheless, i owe my life to the young people.  They were giving great fights.  Imagine to be the “famous” one among them, who they didn’t have much… but they were giving great fights.  I owe them.  54 days in there, and i saw everything.  And this is not emotional.

-I know it was your wife next to you…

-Not only my wife, but my children, also.  And friends, actors and actresses from the theatre.  And even colleagues -i never worked with- came to visit and support me, and to sit in a chair next to me, day and night.  And it wasn’t only the 52 days.  I had to go on with the chemotherapy for a few months, with tremendous consequences. 

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