The Metropolitan Museum of Art

the MET

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Support the MET …


G = Ground floor. We are on the street, dear. 1000 Fifth Avenue. NY, or New York, dear. Always in Manhattan. The postal code is 10028. If you wanna pick up the phone and call, you should dial the following numbers : 212 – 535 – 7710


1st floor = Entrance and great hall. Welcome, dear, to the MET. Please, buy your tickets. It wont take long. Observe the things around you. What do you see ? Nice ? You re impressed !… i know !

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Oh, you bought your tickets ! Great ! Turn around. Breath in. Breath out. Relax. Move to the center. Take a look to the right. And take a look up to the ceiling.

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The MET, dear ! Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art …


We re still on the first floor. But lets step outside for a while. We are outside of the building again. The entrance is in the middle.

The right corner of the building -on the first floor- is dedicated to the “Egyptian Art”. “The Arms and Armor” and the “American Wing” are behind. The left corner of the building -on the first floor- is dedicated to the “Greek and Roman Art”. “Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas”, “European Sculpture and decorative Arts”, “Modern and Contemporary Art” are behind.

In the middle is the entrance and the great hall. “The Medieval Art” and the “Robert Lehman Collection” are behind.

Visit the MET, dear …

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Now at the MET, Fifth Avenue …

2nd Floor = “European Paintings”, “Asian Art”, “Art of the Arab Lands”, “American Wing”, “Drawings”, “Photographs and Prints”, “Musical Instruments”, exhibitions, and many more.

3rd Floor = “American Wing” and “Asian Art”.

4th Floor = Patrons Lounge and Dining Room.

5th Floor = Cantor Roof Garden. What a view ! Take some pictures, dear. Buy a drink from the bar. Relax and enjoy. What an adventure ! What an experience !

do NOT forget to buy gifts …

Ps 1 : I hope you enjoyed my article, dear friends. There are more to write, since this is a post only for the MET on Fifth Avenue. However, you ll find links in my post in order to click on and to visit the MET Cloisters and the MET Breuer.

Ps 2 : When at NYC, and when at MET, do not forget, to spare a dime and to buy gifts for your family, your friends, and for Thyself ! The Met Store is a wonderful store. You ll find an interesting variety of different kind of things to buy. Especially, you ll find wonderful books. An upcoming article of mine will be on this topic. Until then, though, you may click on the following link to take a look : THE MET STORE

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buy your gifts from the MET …

Thank you for passing by, dear friends. For your wonderful comments, and for liking Outosego. My best wishes for great health, happiness and longevity. Let me play a song.

30 thoughts on “the MET

    1. haha… wonderful moons, though, Jonathan. Same building. A wonderful one, of course, in terms of architecture. Exhibitions, things and stuff, they come and they go. Same wonderful routine.

      Ps : My best wishes for a wonderful weekend, Sir.


    1. Oh, MOMA is another interesting and wonderful place (institute or museum… lol) for someone to visit. Thank you for your comment, Nyri.

      Ps : if you have an article on Moma, paste it here. I’m interested. I, always, share these articles and i place them to my travel and museum magazines with a direct link to the blogger. Take care and enjoy, Nyri.


  1. Thank you! My fav part of Met museum is Cloisters, it’s a small medieval castle (and it’s not far from my house, which makes it even better!)


    1. Oh, Victoria, you’ re lucky, dear ! Cloisters is wonderful ! If you have an article related to the Cloisters, you may paste it here, Victoria. I’m interested. And i will share your article. Additionally, i will place it to my travel and museum magazines with a direct link to your blog. Thank you, again, Victoria, for your comment. Take care and enjoy.


      1. No problem, Victoria. I already know you’re bilingual (at least) . This is why we have the translation button, dear… lol… to click on the language of our preference and to read the news, or your wonderful content in your articles ! Whoever is interested is gonna use the translation button. Thank you, Victoria.

        Ps : I placed it in my Magazine :

        Liked and shared, also, Victoria :


      2. I, also, think, Victoria, you should go to your account settings and change the primary blog of yours, and to write your new address of your website. Because when someone clicks on your gravatar, he might think your blog is not available anymore.


      3. No problem, Victoria. I observe things, because i write a guide on the topic “wordpress”, and this is why i have a category of mine dedicated to the “Blocked Blogger”. Enjoy !


    1. You’ re absolutely right, Sheree. I’m lucky, since i’m able to visit it frequently. I like art a lot. Additionally, i feel relaxed and peaceful when i visit the place. Thank you for passing by, and for your comment. I wish you are doing great.


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