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like a last goodbye


The dream

I saw a dream, a few days before the incident.  We were walking together, next to each other.  She was wearing a white jean, and she had a purple blouse over her back with the sleeves coming in front of the chest, the modern way we use to put on a blouse over our shoulders. 

We were approaching her house which was on the top of an archaeological site, like the ones you see being discovered in an urban area, protected by metal railings.  A Squared one, with a pavement all over the sides.

We are at the lower part, or side, of the site.  And we are making a turn to the right while we are on the corner.  The road is slightly uphill.  We are not in a hurry.  We enjoy the wonderful weather, the unique moments, the “atmosphere”.

I’m able to see both of us from a descent distance, as if i was a third person.  We do not exchange words.  Her face is calm, happy, satisfied.  My face is neutral, but calm.  Everything and anything is so peaceful and smooth.

Now, we are on the top of the site, standing on the pavement, next to the road, outside of the house.  Actually, we are in front of apartment buildings.  She used to live in such an apartment.

We do not hug each other.  We are not holding hands.  We exchange looks.  She has a peaceful understanding look, and a smile.  Not a big smile, but a smile, an understanding one.  We are standing like this for quite a long.  And then she moves in.


The news

One day – the day before she was gone – i made a call to a close friend of mine.  He said : “I’m so sorry, my friend, but i have some bad news to tell you”.

I thought that something bad happened to him, or to his family.  And i started the questions : “Are you ok ?  Your wife ?  Your kid ?”

He said : “Do you remember …?”  He had to start with something.  He knew her.  And he knew her and myself as us back then.  But he had to start with something.

“Unfortunately, my friend, she passed away, yesterday”, he said.


my wife   

I told my wonderful wife, who she happens to be something more than a wife (i hate this term).  She is a creature created from a very rare combination of some wonderful, beautiful, precious jewels.  She is an extremely educated and cultivated girl.  She is The Light.  I told her, and my precious cried for her.



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