Nominated for the Liebster

Wonderful answers, dear friends. And what an honor ! Thank you, Altair, for your kind words and for your wonderful dedications to Outosego, to an Unknown.

You’ re an awesome blogger. Take care and enjoy, dear. I wish you great health, happiness and longevity. Merci encore tellement beaucoup.


It was with amazement that I discovered this nomination by Outosego.

And as I love losing myself (I never find myself), in the delicious, beautiful, caustic, interesting site of Outosego, I told myself that I would accept this nomination with gratitude.
“Grazie mille” sir Outosego, mille merci, a thousand thanks and so much more! ❤

This is a present for you, because well… it will be better than my words

Marc Chagall – Le violoniste bleu

And now, at work.

11 Facts about Altair

1 Altair here is mostly a woman, and a French one.

2 Who discovers the wonderful world of blogs

3 Who loves cats

4 Who hurt his shoulder by moving his library from one country to another

5 Who drinks his red wine at room temperature, with cheese, olives and anchovies

6 The only thing I know about my car is that it is…

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