nominated for the Liebster : II


Liebster Award | 2nd time


Thank you, Jyoti, for your wonderful gesture, and for nominating Outosego for the Liebster Award. 


Your blog is :


I really do thank you, dear.  I feel spoiled.  You are a wonderful existence, Jyoti.  I like your blog and the way you express yourself.  And, of course, i like that you like my “dear” exclamation, interjection, or whatever you wanna call it.  I wish you great health, happiness, and longevity.


The Rules :
1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.

2. Share 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!!

5. Make up to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees!

6. Notify your 11 nominees.


11 facts about me :

1. I like books and reading, a lot.

2. I won’t hesitate to make, or to write a critique.  I use the word “critique”, since i don’t like the word “criticism”.  I have my reasons.

3. When i write -or when i speak- i avoid to use much the verb “believe”.  I prefer to use the verb “suspect”, instead.  Not because i despise the word “believe”, but because i have my reasons.

4. I like architecture.

5. I like the fact that a great number of the world’s wonderful monuments were built for the shake of a beautiful daughter, for the shake of a wonderful female.  What a wonderful dedication !

6. There are a few gods that i really do not like them.  I don’t like them at all.  And i would love to see them suffer, one day.  To suffer the same way that we, the humans, suffer, when we suffer.

7. I honor my friendships.

8. I like to encourage the people.

9. I like to ask questions.

10. I love when i love, and i hate when i hate.

11. I like you all, despite the fact i criticize you… lol


Ps 1 : You may click on the following link, if you wish to to read some additional facts about Outosego : Outosego | Facts


Jyoti’s questions :

  1. Have you ever read the book of Harry Potter or seen the movie of it? If yes, who is your favorite character?
  2. If you like a girl/ boy how you would approach him/ her? If you are married then, tell what you would do if you are not married?
  3. Your friends find you which type of person?
  4. Do you want to own a dream house or dream car? Choose one!
  5. Do you believe in aliens?
  6. Why do you follow my blog?
  7. Why should I follow your blog?
  8. Any one thing which you want to eradicate from this world?
  9. You are in a new to a place and you do not know the people of that area very well. You went to a restaurant and when you were about to pay bill, you found that you have no money and no phone! What would you do to pay the bill?
  10. What do you like more- sunrise or sunset? Choose XD.
  11. Okay, a simple question:

suppose you are a police officer. You have a best friend with whom you have spent last 10 years and many good moments. One day, in a mission you got to know that he is a criminal. Were you will be able to kill him?


Outosego’s answers :

1. Never read the book.  I watched the movie, many years ago.  To be honest, i didn’t pay much of attention, and this is the reason i can’t write a special character.

2. Wonderful question, dear !  I think it depends on the moment.  It depends on the so-called “atmosphere” you are into, during this particular circumstance.  I find that the best approach is to be yourself, and smart, and quick, and humorous.  And don’t be rude, dear.  Never.  Unless if there is a reason to be rude, but this is rare.

3. I don’t know.  I never asked my friends this question.

4. I like aesthetics, and to live in a house that is decorated according to my taste and style.  But nothing more than this.  I have a preference to the old cars.  However, whatever i have, i would, gladly, exchange them for a ride with our reddish, the mule that my grandparents used to have when i was a kid, having my grandma next to me, to guide me, to show me the nature, to explain things to me.  I would exchange everything, and anything i have, to bring back to life the moments of the past and my beloved ones.  This is the “dream” i would love to own.

5. I think the so-called “Aliens” are not Aliens so much.  They might be our ancestors, or our “Gods”, or our “creators”.  I have reasons to suspect this one.  If you read -or study- our planet’s different phases of the so-called “development”, and you compare the information that we have with the “knowledge” of the people of the past, and the marks or the signs or the art on the monuments of the people back then, you will suspect the same thing.

6. I find your blog interesting, dear Jyoti.  And i like the way you express yourself.

7.  You’ re not obligated, dear, to follow my blog.  However, i think Outosego is beautiful, wonderful and astonishing.  You should follow me, dear.

8. The violence towards the kids, and towards the pets, and towards the “animals”, and towards the nature.  And some of the methods of the so-called modern “education”.  They are on the wrong path, and they know it.

9. I’d be more than happy to wash the dishes, dear.

10. Both, dear.  Can’t choose.  I think, though, that melancholy “hits” me during the Sunrise.

11. Don’t you find the idea of letting the judge or the jury to decide, or to have the final word, a better way of attitude ?


Ps 2 :  Thank you, for once again, dear Jyoti, for nominating Outosego for the Liebster award.  Take care, dear, and enjoy as much as you can.



Outosego’s nominees :

1. Nonna :

2. Antonia :

3. Altair :

4. Melanie :

5. Chiru :

6. Tony Tsap :

7. Yvonne Torregrosa Barcón :

8. Ibonoco :

9. Ana May :

10. Xiromeritissa :

11. Red Rider :



My questions to my nominees :

1. “Luck, Fate, Destiny, Future” :  In what order ?

2. How much of the opposite gender is in you ?

3. What is “pleasure” to you ?

4. Do you hate, when you hate ?

5. What, or who are your enemies ?

6. Do you like to sin a bit ?

7. What place would you choose to feel a breeze on your face during a summer night ?

8. What piece of music would you choose to dance chic to chic with your soulmate ?

9. Can you name someone that you were influenced by ?

10. What do you see of value to you ?

11. Where are you now ?


Ps 3 :  Thank you, Jyoti.  And thank you, my wonderful nominees, if you choose to take part on this.  I wish you to get the Award.  You are wonderful bloggers, dear.  Take care and enjoy.  Let me play a song.


Liebster Award (1)




22 thoughts on “nominated for the Liebster : II

  1. Hey Outosego 🌺🌺
    This is really awesome 💕💕
    Thank you for accepting my nomination……
    And huge thank you for such a kind words for me!! Whenever you call me’dear’ I feel so good!!
    You are really a wonderful friend of mine dear Outosego ❤️
    You have done great with this award!! Answers and facts are awesome….
    Oh you love Architecture!! Interesting 🤩🤩
    Answers# 7 is all true 😊
    Love your extra facts!!

    Liked by 1 person

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