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Nominated for the Special Blogger Award


Special blogger | Award

Thank you, Dragon Warrior, for your wonderful gesture to nominate Outosego for the “Special Blogger” Award.

Your blog is : https://verbalcreation.home.blog/

I’m flattered, dear, from the fact that you find Outosego talented, and knowledgeable.  I Love compliments !  Thank you, dear.  Outosego knows that you’ re a wonderful existence, extremely educated and cultivated.  And, when a nomination comes from a creature like you, it isn’t only just a pleasure or a satisfaction, but it is an honor.  I feel privileged, dear.  Thank you, Dragon Warrior.


Award Rules:

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.
2. Answer their questions, if you’ re comfortable doing so.
3. Create 10 questions, to ask your nominees.
4. Nominate at least 3 bloggers for the “Special Blogger” Award.
5. Notify your nominees by writing a comment with your nomination link on a recent post of theirs
6. Have fun


Dragon Warrior’ s questions :

1. What is your favourite hangout place in your town?
2. What is your favourite weather and season?
3. Favourite travel destination?
4. Do you watch cricket? Any favourite cricketer?
5. What is your favourite river?
6. Do you like sunrise by the sea? Any special memory related to it?
7. Favourite thing about your culture?
8. Do you like parties?
9. How do you celebrate your birthdays?
10. How was your school days?


My answers to Dragon Warrior’s questions :

1. Freeport, dear.  Here it is : Freeport | New_York

2. Spring, dear.

3. Difficult to answer this, since there are many which i like to visit, or re-visit, all over around the world.  I like to visit the islands in Greece, for sure.  Ionian islands are wonderful because of the clarity of the sea.  But i, also, like to visit Paris, and a few villages in France.  I, also, like Montreal, during the summer.  I, also, like New York, and Chicago, and California, and Panama, and Cuba.  But the place i would love to visit -since i’ve never been there- is Japan.

4. No, dear.  I find cricket boring.  Not my style.

5. This is easy to answer.  Acheron river is my favourite one.  Here’s some info : Acheron | About  

And here’s a video clip :



6. I Love Sunrise.  The colors, dear, and the thoughts.

7. Daemons and Angels, dear.  Like everywhere around the world.  The poetry, and the words, dear.

8. I do like parties, Dragon Warrior.  For sure, and for good !

9. Well, i don’t see it as a special day.  I know it sounds weird.  But i love the fact it is a day that i have my beloved ones around me, and we enjoy, and we celebrate the moment… lol

10. Wonderful, dear.  Nothing special when i compare the days back then with the present time and the tools that the modern and contemporary schools offer to their students.  And we didn’t complain about the bullying thing much.  We were taking care our differences by ourselves.  With a fight… lol, and that was it.


Thank you, Dragon Warrior, for once again.  I wish you to have some fun with my answers, and  to laugh a bit.  I really enjoyed it, dear.  Thank you.



My nominees :

1. Lori, the Gen – X traveler.  You may visit the blog : https://thegenxtravels.com/

(Lori can’t take part on this for the moment, but she wishes the best of luck to all of you, and to my nominees.  Thank you, Lori.  Take care and enjoy, dear.  You’ re a wonderful blogger.)

2. Watt, the sapphire.  You may visit the blog : https://sapphire-sky-com.home.blog/

3. Kara, the shades of grace. You may visit the blog : https://kaiaracquel.blog/

4. Dave, the Aussie who loves to roam.  You may visit the blog : https://endlessroaming.com/



My questions to my nominees :

1. “Luck, Fate, Destiny, Future” :  In what order ?

2. How much of the opposite gender is in you ?

3. What is “pleasure” to you ?

4. Do you hate, when you hate ?

5. What, or who are your enemies ?

6. Do you like to sin a bit ?

7. What place would you choose to feel a breeze on your face during a summer night ?

8. What piece of music would you choose to dance chic to chic with your soulmate ?

9. Can you name someone that you were influenced by ?

10. What do you see of value to you ?

11. Where are you now ?


Ps : Thank you, Dragon Warrior.  And thank you, my wonderful nominees if you choose to take part on this.  I wish you to get the Award.  You are wonderful bloggers, dear.  Take care and enjoy.  Let me play a song.


Special Blogger Award | Outosego .com


12 thoughts on “Nominated for the Special Blogger Award

    1. Oh, thank you, Steve. Thank you for passing by. I’m happy you enjoyed it. I really laugh with myself and some answers of mine. But i think this is the whole purpose of this, to get to know each other and to have some fun. Enjoy your day too, Steve.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know if i deserve it, dear, but i’m pretty sure you deserve an award. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there, wonderful writers, and thinkers, and you belong to this special category, Watt.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thank you sooo much for such kind, and great words for me!
    You really deserve much, much praise and compliments all around the world for your excellent character and behaviour.
    To be very honest, whenever you say the word “dear”, my heart leaps a bit. I love the word so much and to hear it from someone so great as you, seems like a very great privilege. Thank you again and may you have a bright weekend ahead!

    Liked by 1 person

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