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not only Thyself  |  Dear  !…

You should take good care of Thyself.  Thyself is awesome, dear.  And the psychosomethings  love to use different words for the… “Thyself”.  Like the word “Ego”, Outosego !

A different word for the same “thing”, dear !

Well, they are psychos, what do you expect ?


And the Teckies are psychos  |  Dear !…

There is no compatibility, dear, for the same thing.  And they drive me crazy !  I get mad !  And, then, i start cursing !…  Outosego, though, is an Ego of good intentions.  But they drive Outosego crazy.

Since i’m interested in promotion, i like to experiment a bit.  And i see weird things, dear.  I won’t write more on this, for the moment.  But i will share a wonderful promoting experience.

What is it that you observe on the structure of the following post :


PS : Explore a bit, dear.  Take your time.  I’ ll be back.  Let me play a song.  This is the powerful :  outosego@player



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