Resurrection and reality


The gentleman is a forensic pathologist and surgeon.  He is well known in his country. He is  a wonderful human being. And he is a man of god.

The question is the following : So, he was resurrected, and he was outside the tomb, walking. Was this a vision, or a reality ? Or it was his soul ?

The answer : This was a reality.  When he was resurrected, his body was unharmed, immortal, glorified, but with flesh and bones.  He was walking freed from the time and space that we -the rest of us- live in. He was able -at any time- to be here and there, and to be seen -simultaneously- by the 70 or the 500 hundred (people)…

Question : Seen ?  As if he was a vision, or a ghost ?

Answer : No. He said : Come and touch me.  Thomas touched him, and he said : My lord and my god. Thomas plays a huge role in this, not because he was faithless but because he was incredulous.

Question : Now, the next question to you.  A question to a doctor.  The man was dead, and he was tortured before his death, and he was wrapped up with the bed sheet for so many times, and there was a huge rock in front of the tomb.  What happened ? Was he able to unfasten, or to untie himself ?

Answer : No, he didn’t untie himself. The resurrection is an instant and loud fact, and very impressive. The body went through the sheet.  Even the sudarium was found untouched.  The sudarium is a sweat cloth with which they used to cover the face, from the neck and above. He came out from the sheet like a chrysalis.  This is how i imagine it.

Question : And he moved the rock ?

Answer : No.  It is explained why not.  Because of the earthquake.  And we need more time to explain the resurrection. Everything and anything is well explained. And the resurrected body had different characteristics than the previous human one.  It doesn’t play any role the fact he had lost his blood, or he was wounded, or he was tortured.


PS : I’ ll make another post to write my comments on this, dear friends.  Thank you for your likes.



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