autoplay=true loop=true



Now, this is what happens : 

Created video : w=920 h=666

The normal shortcode is this : [ wpvideo gcNnt6mN ] and this is the apperance at the backend, the wordpress reader, the one below.

In order to get the appearance you see above i have to play with the size and to add to the shortcode the following :  [ wpvideo gcNnt6mN w=920 h=520 ] and it looks almost perfect at the backend, the wordpress reader, and without the black bars, but it looks shitty when you visit my website.

videopress 1


The autoplay doesn’t work since you have to click on in order for my video to play, despite the fact that i added the following to the shortcode :

[ wpvideo gcNnt6mN w=920 h=520 autoplay=true ]

The loop works, and the shortcode becomes like this : [ wpvideo gcNnt6mN w=920 h=520 autoplay=true loop=true ]

i send a Message to the “help Center”

With the usual stuff, like you do.  Some “Why”, a few “How”.  A question mark “?”.  And a “thank you”.

They are young people, and confident… lol

BUT…  ( to be continued )


PS 1 :  Check my comment field, fellow bloggers, to understand what happens when i paste the same video through facebook, or other video platforms.  You have to leave your wordpress backend for a while and visit my website.

I work for you, dear artists, and dear poets, and dear fellow bloggers.  If you don’t get it, still, wait and you’ ll see.

PS 2 : This is my backend, the wordpress reader (in order to be able to compare) :

7 thoughts on “autoplay=true loop=true

  1. FACEBOOK platform :

    This is the appearance that you get when i paste the facebook address of the video. And this is what happens globally, dear. Which means that the wonderful teckies of the wordpress .com can work a bit more on the topic. Since there are artists out there that they would love to have a bit of transparency to showcase their work much better through the videopress, and on the global mode. Work on the topic, dear teckies. It’s all about the aesthetics, dear.

    Fellow blogger, you have to visit my site, and scroll a bit down, to the comment field, in order to watch the video and to understand what i’m talking about.


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