Becoming HIS Tapestry

Hey friends, how are you today? What’s your weather like in your neck of the woods? Currently, it is 47° under very cloudy, very rainy, very gloomy skies.Have I told you, it’s a beautiful day, in my neck of the woods? Well, its time to rectify this; it’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood.In spite of the cloudy, rainy, gloomy skies, I will be glad today.It’s my choice and I’ve chosen to enjoy this day.Because today is a special day, it’s a significant day, it’s a very specific day, because it’s Mother’s Day. What are your plans for the day?

Mothers are mentors.  How many times did we say as children, “I will never do this and that” as our moms; yet today, so much (perhaps too much) of our parenting styles come from them.  Remember the next generation’s eyes are watching and monitoring.  

Observant are they too.

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