Blogging is NOT an Art


For people who are poets, writers, philologists, teachers, or people who pay attention to the words, it’s easy to understand that the statement “Blogging is an art” is nonsense.  And it’s easy to understand the age of the one who is behind the statement… lol …

This is the reason why you get confused, my dear writers.  Because teckies do not pay attention to the words.  Not only the teckies do not pay attention to the words but a bunch of professionals.  This has a cost, and our society is gonna pay the bill in the future.  I know that my statement sounds silly.  Well, you’ ll have the chance to read my articles in the future and on the topics “Words”, “Meaning”, “Notion”, “Perception”, “Conception”, “Understanding” and etc.

I ‘ m gonna have fun without being so funny.  And you’ re gonna laugh, or you’ re gonna cry.  Because, dear friends, this story goes on and on and on.  They love to mis + interpret the notions.  Which means that either they don’t understand, or that there is a purpose.  I think it’s a combination of these two behaviors or conditions.  I suspect you know what i’m talking about.  Actually, we are the last generation with such worries.

So, we deal with people who are either completely stupid, and without any question, or with people who are politicians… hahahahhahahahaha… Take care, dear friends.

PS:  I imagine Leonardo Da Vinci talking to the Canvas, saying the following “you’ re a piece of art, dear”.  Because, dear people, Blogs are just another medium, medium, medium… another tool, tool… tool… It’s awesome to have great tools, and sometimes there is a poet, an artist behind the creation.  Not always, though.  Especially when he speaks nonsense and rubbish.


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