Philosophy can be

the old man said |

everything and anything.  An ordinary man can be a wonderful philosopher, which means capable to organise his life in such a way that he will be able to enjoy some wonderful 60, or 70, or 100 years of life.

So, the problem is solved.

“But, actually…” the old man said,

“these questions and these problems that we have the tendency to call them philosophical questions and problems, are not philosophical at all.  They look like they are, but they are not.  However, if you insist to call them philosophical, i have no problem.  At least, create a few categories, or as many as you wish, for your philosophical stuff, but leave the first place empty.  Start from the second place.  Leave the first place empty.  BECAUSE the top and biggest question in philosophy should and must be to think of death.  But to think of and on your own death.  This is the question with the heavier load than others that we have the tendency to call philosophical.  Even ontology, or gnosiology, or whatever + (plus) logy, is nothing compare to this.”


PS 1: The old man is Plato.  I prefer not to use the past tense and the verb “was”. Not because he is.  He is, actually, was.  But because i have the tendency to believe he is (and was) right.

PS 2: “Logy” is equal to “Words”.  Words that we speak out.  Chat chat.  Blah blah.  When you see “Whateverology”, then you must assume that our topic is the  “Whatever”, and we start to discuss on the topic using our mouth, and we speak out words (Logy or λόγια, or speech).  Philologist is someone who feels extremely comfortable and friendly with the words.  He, or She, likes a lot to chat chat, but he, or she, likes to chat chat on the topic “writing style, or poetry, or literature”.  Take care, dear friends.

PS 3: Things happen for a reason.  My logi-c says this isn’t logi-cal, and I think the category for our thoughts and Logy(-ies) on the matter should be “Happenology”.  Speech around the topic “Pathos, or Pathology” which looks like Passion but there is no Love… lol … But sometimes there are causes.  We have to chat chat to find the cause or the root of a problem, dear doctors.


Outos back (19)




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