Grab my hand, Harold

Can you ? |

Grab my hand, Harold !…

But he couldn’t.  And i was screaming when i was younger as i was watching Harold’s black and white adventures on tv. Because i wanted to help him and he couldn’t grab my hand.

So i had to think to find ways to help him.  And i was asking myself : Why ? Why, don’t you grab my hand, Harold ? Don’t you see my hand ?  We’ re so close next to each other.  Why don’t you grab my hand ?

imageedit_1002_7275987584Questions and Question marks are the content of philosophy.  Keep in mind that Philosophy is a woman, a female, a girl, which means she is going to tease you A LOT.  She will always be close, and far away from you. Close and far away, simultaneously and at the same time. You are going to be tortured.  She likes that stuff, A LOT.


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