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He had a sweet heart.  He was a cardiac surgeon, and a talented one.  He was famous because of his talent, and because -no matter what- he was helping everyone and anyone in need.  He didn’t care for the name of your insurance company  and the policies and the tricks and your bank account.

Unfortunately, his daughter committed a suicide a few years ago.  The following video is something  like a confession.  He says :

“The Loss of a child is a wound that you will never overcome.  You’ ll never overcome the Loss of your own child.  When you lose a child during a surgery, there is a cost, but you will overcome the loss slowly and with the time, and the wound will be healed.    However, the loss of your own child, and especially the loss of my beloved Sophia is a wound that will never be healed.  I will never overcome this.

She was like me, in many ways.  I think I shouldn’t have been so dedicated to my job.  I think … I might have neglected her a bit, and i feel guilty for this.

I think she was disappointed.  The success of her father didn’t work well for her.  Because she wanted to be like him.  Psychologically speaking, it didn’t work well. Actually it worked the other way around, and she felt extremely disappointed.  This is what I think.

I wish no one to live such a Loss, no one.  On the other hand, only the people who have lived such a Loss can understand the way I feel.

I don’t know what else to say, because you cannot explain or describe this with words.”


PS: Panagiotis Spyrou was… a Jesus.  Because “Jesus” is not just a name. If you know a Jesus, write a few words about him, or her.









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      1. I did, and I will visit you again. You have some wonderful stories in your blog. One of the stories that i found very interesting was “The Gypsies of Paris’. I’ ll visit you again.


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