My beloved brothers and sisters

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I wrote that I’m not religious, but I respect the tradition and the hymns, and the people who are religious.  This isn’t a professional video and it is a bit old, but I still like it.  I pin this one in my post because I like Petros Gaitanos.  There is an additional reason but I think it is better not to write about.


Petros Gaitanos is a wonderful  singer.  Especially when he sings some wonderful  hymns.   He is a specialist on the topic.  Most of these hymns are actually funeral songs.  And some of them praise the unknown Father which I find weird.  And some of them praise the well known and poor mother, and this is something pretty logical.  Because the mother was there since the day ONE.  And she drunk the drink of bitterness till the last drop.

There is a word in English which describes the state of being away from a place or a person, and it is the word “Absence“.  The word “disappeared” describes much better the word “Absence”.  The father was disappeared since day ONE.  And when I listen to stories saying about the absence of a parent, I feel sad and I say to myself : What a misfortune !

I don’t use the phrase : What a pity !  I use the phrase : What a misfortune !.. ( for similar situations and misfortunes).  And I feel angry, and hungry for some fight with the unknown and the absent father.  I really do not understand why Jesus’ father should be an exception.  “Because he is a god” is not a good answer.  Not good at all.

Despite His absence, Jesus was able to go on with his life (his short life).  Thanks to his step father and thanks to his surrogate mother.  Which means he was lucky despite his misfortune.  This is actually a wonderful message for our society.  Because you can spread The Love without having to be a father or a mother, or a relative, or whatever.  It’s more than enough to be human.  And you don’t have to be a god, because it is more than enough to be human.





PS : Some friends asked for a translation of an excerpt, and you may click on the following link, if you wish :  Come and get |

14 thoughts on “My beloved brothers and sisters

    1. Thank you, Sir, for reblogging my thoughts. This article of mine is a bit “heretical”, though, and i don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. In any case, thank you for once again and have a wonderful day.

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      1. I caught that. Ideas not necessarily based on anything is what philosophers tend to do. Yet acknowledging reality outside of your own would be helpful. Whatever is said, in my opinion, here will influence SOMEBODY….or whole groups of people. THAT is why I tread carefully but maintain an “open market place”, if you will accept that concept—not an open free-for-all, though—I have my own values and objectives, as you Sir are probably aware….! a good day–and week–to you, sir!

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  1. I´m a catholic, a bad very bad one, but I try. Forget about that, it was a funny in my eyes read. Sarcastic would be the word? Just a nice read overall. That is important. Thank´s for a interesting-entertaining read.

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  2. It is a very beautiful video … I got emotional about the beautiful voice of the priest!
    In my home country we also have this religion!
    Beautiful post! Thank you!
    Greetings from the Netherlands!

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    1. Thank you, Ella, for your wonderful comment. The purpose of this post of mine was to remind people they don’t have to be gods to be human, since Jesus was able to go on with his life (his short life) thanks to his step father and thanks to his surrogate mother.

      Another reason ( the one i wrote it is better not to write about, is personal) is that my wonderful mother in law died during that period of time, back then. She was an Angel who suffered a torturing end, or finish, or whatever death is.

      This year, during the same period of time, i was told that a girl -i was in love once- died. I had to tell my wife -who she happens to be something more than an Angel, she is a Goddess- and she cried for her.
      And because i pay attention to the words, i think i should write an additional article explaining the oxymoron, since there is an oxymoron (more than one).

      Thank you, Ella.


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