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They know how to introduce themselves.  You can tell.  All you have to do is to read the “About” page.  If they know how to introduce themselves, you should expect that they are wonderful writers.  Which means you can learn things from the way they write and from their exceptional and peculiar writing style.

Additionally you might be interested in the topics they write about.  Even if you’ re not interested in their topics, you can learn from their writing style.  This is an advice to the young people, mostly.  Not because they are young, but because they are like sponges, and because they are curious, and because they know when they see something beautiful, something that can talk to their heart, to adopt its beauty and to learn from it.

This is the reason i create a special category.  And i will make posts for this kind of people who know how to introduce themselves.  All you have to do is to read them.  It’ s simple.  We are all in the learning procedure.  I’m not an exception.  The name I gave to this special category is : About You .  You can always visit the category and take a look.  Take care, dear friends.

PS:  You already know i’m pissed with some “specialists” and “consultants” and techies.  Don’t waste your time on them.  It is much more beneficial to go directly to the source of the beauty and to the people who have quality and sense of the aesthetics.



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