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Someone said that you must not create more than 4 or 5 categories.  I DISAGREE.  A Category is a topic you Like to write about a lot.  Let’s assume you’ re very interesting people and you have a lot to say and to write on different topics.  Then, my dear friend, create a category for this special knowledge of yours and add your posts which is written for this topic to the category.


a category with certain posts for a certain topic is something you can use in the future to create a brand new website, or a new book.  And you can make some profit from this special knowledge of yours.   To use their words : your category is actually a NICHE.  You should take advantage of it.  There is nothing wrong to sell your ideas, or your category -with your special posts in it- and to make some profit.  I admire the un-sponsored bloggers.  BUT there are fellow humans who are not able to move, with some special needs, or with health issues, and they should have an option to sell their creations and to make a profit in order to take care themselves and to go on with their lives.  And it doesn’t mean they are not interesting people because it happens to have some health issues.  Most of them are very interesting.

NOW YOU KNOW my point of view.


PS:  There is no limit or a barrier from the wordpress platform on this matter.  You can create as many categories as you wish.  I’m sure you understood my point of view on this matter.  It’s for your own benefit.  This post of mine is under the category : Blocked . To find my categories, please, click on my “Menu” button, high above to the right, and then scroll down till the end, or click on the following image.







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