by Franco Faccio |

i’m not a religious person.  At least, this is what i think.  On the other hand, i respect and i Like tradition.  Sometimes, i think i’m more religious than the people who say “i’m religious”.  There is nothing bad if it happens to be religious.  Sometimes, it is very helpful.  Especially, when… you know when.

Anyway, all i want to say is that i Like hymns, and i like the music.  You already know there are different kind of hymns, and different kind of music.  Because it is Easter, i want to write and pin a few videos of customs and music that are creations of the religious people and creations of the church.

The following video is an example of how people in Corfu and the visitors of the island experience the Holy Week.  The Ionian islands – the islands who are closer to Italy- are influenced from the Catholics and the wonderful people of Italy.  So they adopted a few customs.  Customs of Italy and of the Catholics.  And they mixed their Orthodox tradition with the Catholic tradition. The result is wonderful.  Bands are all over the place playing the music you listen on the video.  I Like Amleto and I Like Adagio a lot.  You may ask Uncle Google if you want some more information.


Amleto, by Franco Faccio



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