I’m pissed with the techies

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Despite the fact I’m not a teckie guy, I’ll give you some advices which is a result of some experiments of mine.  And of course I’ll write down my opinion for this techie or the other techie, if he/she is suggested or NOT .  I’m pissed because they think that they have to write a bunch of nonsense in order to get some clicks, but GUESS WHAT : they get shit at the end.  Excuse my language, dear friends.

You’ re precious when you’ re precise, techies. So, I will try to help people no matter what.  However, if you’ re kind or if you really have the knowledge, you’ re welcome to help us.  I will express my gratitude and I will let people know about your excellency ( this is advertisement, this what you want, and I don’t judge you for this, I’ll help you with this ). Otherwise it won’t happen, not on my watch baby.






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