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to the donkeys.  The name of this wonderful creature has become a synonym for the people who are selfish and they don’t give a fuck.  It’s like when we say “you’ re an animal” to someone, in order to condemn the awful behavior.   This should change.  Why ?  Because I said so !

And secondly, because I have memories.  My grandparents used to have a donkey, a mule, a horse, because they didn’t have a car or a four wheel machine to do what they had to do and take care their businesses.  I’m sure you have the same memories.  And we are the last generation with such memories.  Now, in our days, if you want to see or to show your children what a donkey or a chicken looks like, you have to visit the nearest to your neighborhood museum. Oh my gosh !…

A mule we had -her name was “Reddish” because of her wonderful red color- was in love with my grandma and she would do whatever my grandma wanted.  She didn’t like my grandpa a lot …lol, because he was a DONKEY.  I’m joking, dear friends.  I really admire these animals.  We were so happy as children playing around with them.  And when their lives come to an end, they don’t get what they deserve.  There is no “in memorial”, or people to gather around and drink a glass of wine and start a conversation remembering the accomplishments of these wonderful creatures,  “in memorial”.

There is a nice poem written by Cavafy which says how much Achilles’ horses cried when they saw Patroclus dead.  And they were not in such a need, because they were immortal, and a gift given by the Gods to Achilles’ father during the ceremony of his marriage with Achilles’ mother.

Suddenly, Zeus, when he saw the crying horses and how desperate they were  – because they could feel the terrifying nothingness, and they were able to understand that Patroclus has gone back to the Big Nothing – he said :

“Oh my poor and gentle creatures, what are you doing down there, next to the people’s misery and wretchedness ?!  We shouldn’t had given you to the people who are  a game in the hands of the Fate.  You have no place down there.  You, that there is no shadow of death over your heads, nor the shadow of age.  My poor and gentle horses, you got tangled by the people to their sufferings.”

But the noble creatures kept dropping their tears for death’s the everlasting disaster.


Painting :  by Yiotta Zogaki | A wonderful artist, and you may click on the image to visit her, Like her, Ask questions.  Take care, dear friends, and thank you for passing by.

Άλογα Αχιλλέως -

18 thoughts on “Donkeys

  1. This is a wonderful post
    Horses donkeys and mules are all such noble creatures. In many parts of the world they are the hardest of workers
    Many families in the developing world rely on them to carry and transport in order for the family to survive. In the developed world we have horses for sport. I would be lost without much horse so your post is dear to my heart.

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    1. Thank you, dear. I really appreciate your comment. You have a special relationship, and a wonderful one. Thank you, Anne Leueen.

      I’m typing your blog here, in order for people to see, when they pass by, your wonderful articles on the topic, and your special relationship :

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