Do you know her name ?

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When I see something beautiful I try to make a creation, not something special.  She is really beautiful, like Calypso.  Calypso was a Goddess, a black Goddess, or a colored one (use the term you wish).  Ask Ulysses, he knows better.  After seven years of living with the Divine creature and a Goddess, he felt like he wanted to abandon her and go on.  This one says a lot about men.  They are capable to do the unthinkable.  Shame on you Ulysses.  You’re an animal.  And I have to give my congrats to the photographer, whose name I don’t know either.

My suspicion is that the island of the Goddess  – her country or home – was somewhere between “The Pillars of Hercules” or “Columnas de Hercules”.  Somewhere between Cetua and Gozo.  Take care, dear friends.  Thank you for passing by.


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