Elvis is back !


My “Hope Project” is a project to make my friends laugh a bit… lol.  Because I love them and I care for them.  One night I said to my self : “Listen, my dear self, We Are the Stories”.

Elvis is a friend of mine. He is a wonderful & exceptional musician. He plays trumpet… ra ta ra ta ratara… 🎺

His main job is “#Renovation & Enhancement services”. He is excellent, but he uploads facebook videos with the following quote “From #music to This !” He complains to himself … lol.

Because I love him, I create stupid things to make him laugh a bit. He has a wonderful family. And Guess What ! His children are all artists ! Elvis became part of my “Hope project”. Thank you, Elvis.

“My Hope Project”


Elvis is back to music - Theamon Film


Here’ anotherHope project

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