They are hiring

Who’ s “THEY” ?  

The United States Postal Service.  This is for my friends from U. S.  I have friends from all over the world, and I care for them.  I really love to help my people.  And my people are all over the place, here and there. My people are Indians.  I’m talking about the people of India.  My people are Indians who live in America, the American Indians.  My people are Canadians, the Canucks …LoL.  My people are Italians, the parlare italiano people. My people are Romanians, the people who live in Romania.  My people are Africans, the Αfrican people.  Some of my African people live abroad, and some of them live in Africa which is a huge continent as you might know.   I am a U.N. Jesus.  Anyway, this is for my friends who live in U. S., the U. S. citizensTake a look, dear friends, on the following link :  U.S. POSTAL SERVICE

Because they are hiring !   👈👍👏😀👉🌹


PS:  I wish you all longevity, and great health.  And as I always say :  we all need a nice gesture !

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