Theodora Kokkinou Art

Fine Arts :

Theodora was born in Athens in 1967.

Using Fine Arts and Music as the main communication means, she worked for 10 years (1994-2004) in Art Therapy (research and practice), mainly in public psychiatric Greek hospitals (Leros, Athens).

So far, her work has been displayed at group art shows (Greece, England, Egypt). In 2001 and 2003 she individually exhibited two unities of her work, entitled “While inspiration is still fresh” and “Political frissons of the 20th century” respectively.

In 2008 she moves in England, where she studies Fine Art at the School of the Arts of Loughborough University. She graduates in 2011 [Fine Art BA (Hons)] and she returns back in Greece. Since then she tries to redefine her artistic self in the current confused Greek reality.

Member of “Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece”, as well as the “Association’s of Greeks from Egypt” artists.

Click on Theodora Kokkinou Art   to visit her facebook page and take a better look at her artwork.  You may also ask questions.  Thank you.

The boy - Theodora Kokkinou Art
The boy – Theodora Kokkinou Art


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