Τα παιδιά


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8 thoughts on “Τα παιδιά

    1. Wholehearted, dear. I will translate this for you. The gentleman was a wonderful persona. A free spirit, a wonderful teacher, an amazing professor, a writer, a philologist and a literary critic. This is an old video, and he talks about “The children – ta paedia”. Actually this is a critique, and he criticizes the awful behavior of some parents towards their children. And he has a certain manner in doing this. He says : Sometimes they tell me “Do we have time to take care of our children?”. “Why do you bring them to life, then ?” he asks. -“But we have to work!”. – “It doesn’t matter, you have to take care of them, even when you have nothing to eat you have to take care of them. How did i manage to take care of my own children ? You supported me ( meaning he was getting paid for his service as a teacher ). “How much money i was getting ? Nothing. But I managed to take care of my children, and i was taking care of you too, for you were my student, and the other one, and the other one… and i was getting nothing. You will starve, you will have difficulties, but you brought them in to life… and you Love them… Go on then, be there, next to them, support them, find time, work less, live with less money, spend less, consume less, less shirts, less ties, less taverns, less entertainment, to be able to make it and to create a surplus for your children. Additionally, instead of complaining for they not learn anything at school… did you sit down to learn them a few things that you find they have value, to read them a book, to take them to a museum, to the Parthenon, to the Observatory, somewhere !… Why don’t you come close, one next to each other, to create a companionship and to read all together something useful, something with value… read a bit, read… something with value, instead of reading the nonsense that you usually read…

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      1. Thank you so much, for this huge translate, i appreciate it a lot, very wise and meaningful text, you should post it on my blog, honest advice💚

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