Day: March 3, 2019

A Gift with Some Memories

“She told us that our Dad, who was her lawyer, had paid her mortgage for some months until she could find a better job allowing her to keep her home. We were blown away – we had no idea that had happened.”

When the River Won't Flow

The other day a friend from our former church in Arizona posted this on Facebook: “Name one thing that you learned from your father.” As I regularly don’t follow directions, I wrote two things, but they were woefully inadequate. Then Saturday’s mail brought a beautiful note, accompanied by a gift to help repair some more of our broken furniture. Since most of that furniture had belonged to my parents, I was not surprised that the note was in honor of Dad’s birthday on March 5th. I cried when I read the card and saw the check – tears of thanksgiving for the help wrapped up in memories of the best father I could have had.

My Dad’s father died in May of 1957; my Mom’s father died in June of 1957. Within six weeks our parents lost both of their fathers. As they did most years, they had already rented…

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…not my palzy walzy


The legacy of love that my father left us lives even today. Papa…ha…here’s a guy, the sweetest, the dearest man I’ve ever lived. My father… not my palzy walzy, my father

He looked at us , when we were kids, and you could see the love from his eyes permeating right to the marrow of our bone.

All the other things, business etc. , it’s all very nice, but its somehow bittersweet, because he is a man who broke his neck and gave his life to us, and now that we can say to him : Papa, let’s go baby, it’s first cabin all the way sweetheart, he is not here. So its a little bittersweet.

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All The World Was His Stage

“Thanks for always being there to save my ass,
And fuck those critics who doubted I had class.”

A Thing for Words

Will always got a perfect mark from his favorite professor. I don’t begrudge him his success. He came from pretty tough circumstances. First of his family to go to college, small rural high school and all.

Okay, I kind of resent the fact that Will Shakespeare got a reputation as “the most inventive and gifted writer our English Department has ever produced” according to a college newsletter to alums and donors.. 

Will was a nice enough guy. Quite friendly and very well-spoken. We hit it off our first week at a dorm mixer. I’d say he over-compensated for his farm boy upbringing by walking around like he was strutting on stage or something, but it did get the attention he craved. 

“Christine, I understand you write poetry,” he said as he swept up to me.

“Uh huh,” I said. “Been lucky enough to have a few things published…

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